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Episode 24 – Post E3 Recap Show Part 1

Hey all! E3 was GREAT! Had such a great time watching it and had so much fun watching it. This podcast is cut down into two parts!!!! This Part...

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Episode 23 -Bungie new partnership! Vampyr, Fallout 47 and MORE!

Welcome to EP 23 of In Our Moms Basement! This is the last EP before E3!!!!! WE get in our last predictions of E3 and we review Vampyr and...

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Episode 22- Battlefield V Black Ops 4 reaction Game Reviews and more

Ragequit Pat lone Wolfs in this episode. This week Ragequit disccuss’s his reaction on Battlefield V and Black Ops 4 which one hes more excited for. Rainbow Six Siege...

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Episode 21 – The E3 Pre-game Show

In this episode we have much to talk about.       We start with breaking news. Xbox backward compatibility NINTENDO SWITCH controller support comes to steam. E3 Press...

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Episode 20 – A Way Out & Far Cry 5 review

In this episode we have much to talk about. New games came out and we will review them!   We start with breaking news. Rainbow 6 update. Lion Nerf...

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Episode 19 – Nintendo Direct Talk

What a Nintendo Direct this year so far!!! Great announcements! Great titles! Super pumped for Nintendo! We also talk other games!

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