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Episode 22- Battlefield V Black Ops 4 reaction Game Reviews and more

Ragequit Pat lone Wolfs in this episode. This week Ragequit disccuss’s his reaction on Battlefield V and Black Ops 4 which one hes more excited for. Rainbow Six Siege operation PARA Bellum coverage is also featured. Ragequit also reviews State of Decay 2 and Detroit Become Human while also covering some breaking news!!!!!!!

Episode 21 – The E3 Pre-game Show

In this episode we have much to talk about.




We start with breaking news.

  • Xbox backward compatibility
  • NINTENDO SWITCH controller support comes to steam.
  • E3 Press Conference Times released.
  • Jurassic World Evolution Gameplay Talk
  • Crew 2 awful much. – 7 minute gameplay. MAY 31ST – JUNE 3RD, 2018
  • Pokemon Switch title rumor leak





Main Topic of the Podcast: E3! Its almost here let’s talk E3

  • Confirmed games and rumor games that are coming.
  • What games we want to see there.
  • What else do we want to see come out of E3 such as hardware or more.



Episode 20 – A Way Out & Far Cry 5 review

In this episode we have much to talk about. New games came out and we will review them!


We start with breaking news.

  • Rainbow 6 update. Lion Nerf and Recoil System
  • No Man Sky coming to next.
  • Behaviour Digital teasing a new game called Deathgarden
  • MS Policy update


After that we have some game reviews!

  • A Way Out Review
  • Sea of Thieves review
  • Batman Telltale Series Episode 5 Review
  • MLB the Show Review
  • Far cry 5 impressions

Episode 19 – Nintendo Direct Talk

What a Nintendo Direct this year so far!!! Great announcements! Great titles! Super pumped for Nintendo! We also talk other games!

Episode 18 – Microsoft buying EA, Valve and Bluehole?

Welcome to EP 18! We have tons to talk about and here is the breakdown! We will be talking about Xbox, Sea of Thieves Beta, Ubisoft, Friday the 13th and a BIG rumor with Microsoft buying EA, Valve, and Bluehole!


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Episode 17 – E3 2018 Predictions!!!


sorry I said the wrong ep number! lol

Welcome to EP 17!!!!!! It’s a new year which means we get to see a whole new line up of games!!!! This EP we will talk E3 and our predictions of what we think is going to happen this year or what will get announced! Come watch and also feel free to comment below with your predictions!!!

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Episode 16 – 2017 Game Award Show!


Game Award Show Time!!!!


We go over some breaking news. Rumors with Overwatch and more. We talk about our favorite games that we played this and the games we did not like so much.

We also get to see the viewers picks for there favorite game of the year!

Episode 15 – Almost time for our game award show!


Almost time for our game award show!


As our yearly game awards show is almost here. WE break down our favorite games of the year! We also talk of what games we been playing and any gaming news!

Episode 13 – Lets talk Cuphead, wwe 2k18 and BF2!


We talk about Cuphead and how we are liking it.

We talk battlefront 2 beta.

We got more detail on wwe 2k18!

We also talk about other games!