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Episode 18 – Microsoft buying EA, Valve and Bluehole?

Welcome to EP 18! We have tons to talk about and here is the breakdown! We will be talking about Xbox, Sea of Thieves Beta, Ubisoft, Friday the 13th...

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Episode 17 – E3 2018 Predictions!!!

Summary sorry I said the wrong ep number! lol Welcome to EP 17!!!!!! It’s a new year which means we get to see a whole new line up of...

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Episode 16 – 2017 Game Award Show!

Subtitle Game Award Show Time!!!! Summary We go over some breaking news. Rumors with Overwatch and more. We talk about our favorite games that we played this and the...

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Episode 15 – Almost time for our game award show!

Subtitle Almost time for our game award show! Summary As our yearly game awards show is almost here. WE break down our favorite games of the year! We also...

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Episode 13 – Lets talk Cuphead, wwe 2k18 and BF2!

Summary We talk about Cuphead and how we are liking it. We talk battlefront 2 beta. We got more detail on wwe 2k18! We also talk about other games!

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