Episode 25 – Game Coming this year! With Special guest HoosierBoy!

This is a very special episode! We have our first official GUEST! Hip hip hurray!!!

We talk off with always our breaking news!

  • Darwin Project gos F2P on July 4th!
  • TODD HOWARD wants cross play for Fallout 76 and asks sony to join in.
  • Fortnite Rocket Launch Rumors into new map
  • Halo Tv series ordered by Showtime
  • Shenmue III requires 100GB install on PC
  • Shenmue Remastered release date- August 21

After our breaking new our special guest HoosierBoy (Who Your BOY!) joins us for the MAIN TOPIC!

Holiday games Preview. What are we excited about?

We all know this year we have so many titles coming out and we get in details about what games we are looking forward to playing and what games we are 100% picking up!

Feel free to join the conversation! Feel free to email us anytime with your questions! What games y