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NNessGames is twitch affiliate streamer! We have been watching NNessGames stream for a while and we love it! His stream contact is always great and he is always very active in his stream and always has a upbeat attitude! His stream contact is always great. So we went ahead and made him our first streamer spotlight of October! Here is the interview below!

[Q]: Tell us a little bit about what got you into gaming.

I’m unsure of why I started gaming but I was around 5 when I started playing video games and the first game I played was Warcraft 2.

[Q]: What’s your favorite game growing up

Favorite game growing up has to be RuneScape / CrossFire then moving onto League of Legends.

[Q]: What games are you playing currently?

Currently, I just play games I play on stream. Mostly Dark Souls like games. I may start moving onto playing Dead by Daylight.

[Q]: Do you have any hobbies outside of gaming?

I enjoy playing the piano in my spare time.

[Q]: Fun fact about yourself?

I’m very introverted, even though it may not seem like it.

[Q]: Why do you stream?

Because I want to make others feel happy, entertain, and make people feel like they have a place to be they can be in.

[Q]: What is your goal for streaming?

My goal is to be a good enough streamer that people appreciate and look up to what I do. So I can be the footsteps that they want to follow, whilst keeping to the same reasons as to why I stream. 

[Q]: Are there any streamers that motivate you?

There are a number of streamers that inspire me, but my motivation comes from the community I have. They really push me forward and making sure I create and grow a stream that people enjoy.

[Q]: Has the SDC helped you in anyway?

It has! I have met a number of amazing community members from this community. I try to support then and they gladly support me which I am grateful for. There’s new channels being made for discussions and always that push to help others. This is something I highly appreciate from this community.

Mentioned on podcast  : Coming Next week!


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