About In Our Mom’s Basement

Hi! We host a podcast called In Our Moms Basement. We are a very new podcast but we love doing it. We talk about everything gaming and we are also doing YouTube content as well. Check us out!. My goal for this channel is to share my gaming experience and create a fun, humorous & friendly community. I want a place where we can be ourselves and talk about games and have a great time. Stop on by and Let's talk games! As we grow as a channel on Mixer. We will be doing giveaways to show our support to the people that are following us!

Dangioffre aka Headshot Dan
Show Host

Hello all!

I am Dan one of the host of In Our Moms Basement! I am 28 years old and I am a system engineer. My first console was a Sega Genesis with the game Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! I started doing this podcast because I love talking about games, keeping up to date and sharing my experience with others. I hope to see you guys in our live streams!

Ragequit Pat
Show Host

My name is Pat I’m a Co-host of In our mom's basement. My first console was Super Nintendo but the first game I’ve ever played was Street Fighter on Sega Genesis. My favorite type of game genres I play are RPG FPS Third-Person Action Adventure....pretty much most genres except MMO and RTS. I started this podcast with Dan because he shares the same Love and Passion about Video Games and we wanted to show everyone. I hope to see you guys on our stream.