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Streamer Spotlight – Bluebyeol

Bluebyeol is twitch affiliate streamer! We have been watching Bluebyeol for a while and we fell in love with the energy she has! She always has great content and she is very active with the community. So we decided to make her the Spotlight member of DECEMBER! Here is the interview below!

[Q]: Tell us a little bit about what got you into gaming.

I started gaming when I was in middle school and have been gaming ever since. PlayStation was the first console that I got and have been a PlayStation girl ever since. I remember playing Spyro, Crash Bandicoot and The Legends of Dragoon. I’ve always been a big fan of games with story and character development, so I first played single-player games and later started playing multiplayer. But, I’m still a really big fan of JRPGs.

[Q]: What’s your favorite game growing up

Final Fantasy 10 is my all-time favorite game and I usually recommend it to people that have never played it or has never played a Final Fantasy game. The story, characters, the relationships between the characters, combat, and graphics (during that time) are all really amazing. I first played this game in middle school and I was extremely shocked because I had never seen anything like it. This game also made me want to play more JRPGs and that’s when I found out about Final Fantasy 7.

[Q]: What games are you playing currently?

I’m currently playing Overwatch, Black Ops 4, Resident Evil 7, Bendy and the Ink Machine, Persona 5 and replaying Final Fantasy 10

[Q]: Do you have any hobbies outside of gaming?

I enjoy Gunpla and plan on building Gundams on stream later on. I also enjoy driving late at night because I love my car, going to arcades, photography, reading, writing and sleeping.

[Q]: Fun fact about yourself?

When I’m really focused on something, my tongue tends to stick out of my mouth a bit. This usually happens when I play video games or when I’m watching a movie.

[Q]: Why do you stream?

Honestly, I first started streaming because I was curious and even though I’m camera shy, I thought about just going for it, because, YOLO. The more I got involved, the more fun I started having and I have definitely met some amazing people during this experience. The thing that really makes me happy now is when people come into my stream and tell me that they enjoy hanging out with me or that I make them laugh. If I can make at least one viewer smile during my stream, that makes me really happy. I want to create an atmosphere where people can come in, relax and just have fun!

[Q]: What is your goal for streaming?

I want this to be my lifelong project because before streaming, I didn’t really have any motivation to do anything or really have a passion for anything. I just lived life without thinking much about it and about what I could accomplish. But since I’m doing something I really love and enjoy, I want this to forever motivate me to keep pushing myself to the limit and better, not only my stream, but also myself as a person. Streaming has definitely helped me step out of my bubble and to be more open. I can’t say that I’m completely comfortable, but it has definitely changed me. Along the way, if I’m able to motivate someone to do something they love, then that’s a bonus for me.

[Q]: Are there any streamers that motivate you?

All my streamer friends and the viewers that watch me motivate me. It’s because of them that I keep pushing myself and have the want to grow each and every day. Seeing them succeed or achieve a certain goal puts a smile to my face and that makes me want to work harder.

[Q]: Has the SDC helped you in any way?

Yes, SDC has helped me a lot. I would say that I’m still new to streaming compared to the other members, but watching them has helped me a lot. They’ve given me ideas of what to do, how to engage with the viewers and how to improve myself as a streamer. But most of all, I’ve met some really amazing people through SDC and I consider many of them as friends and not just online friends that I met through a community.

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