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Streamer Spotlight – GeekingOutWithFG

I’m 39 years old married no kids.

[Q]: Tell us a little bit about what got you into gaming.

I was an only child so gaming was what I did.

[Q]: What’s your favorite game growing up

I started out on Nintendo and when my family got a computer I use to play a game called warlords. then I spend the next 7 years playing Diablo 2

[Q]: What games are you playing currently?

The games I’m currently playing are hearthstone, overwatch,apex, Pirates of the Caribbean online, retro games, old school Runescape.

[Q]: Do you have any hobbies outside of gaming?

I use to play magic the gathering now. I enjoy watching NFL football (go Texans) I also collect comics.

[Q]: Fun fact about yourself?

Fun fact I have had the honor of meeting Stan Lee twice and getting two different comics signed by him.

[Q]: Why do you stream?

why do I stream? that’s a good question. well, I’m more or less anti-social to put it best. so streaming allows me to meet new people and make connections. I stream for the fun of the game.

[Q]: What is your goal for streaming?

My goal for streaming is to make new friends and just have fun.

[Q]: Are there any streamers that motivate you?

Streamer that motivates me are d1am0nds and computerchick and jade and ktpeace and 3picman3 and last but least mrsAlieKat they are always welcoming and read there chat and talk to there chat.

[Q]: Has the SDC helped you in any way?

SDC helped me get aff. they are like a dysfunctional family lol. they are always so supported of others.

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